After much deliberation, most of my Youtube videos have been filed under 'Playlists'. This enables you, should you find a subject you are interested in, to binge-watch all related videos. Happy watching!

ImageALBANIA: This is how Lonely Planet describes Albania - stunning mountain scenery, crumbling castles, boisterous capital and dreamy beaches rival any in the Mediterranean and continue to enchant. I need to visit Albania again... and soon.

ImageAUSTRIA: I first visited Austria in 1986 and instantly fell in love. Along with New Zealand, it's one of my favourite countries. My next visit is well overdue.

ImageAVIATION: I have never ceased to be stunned at the way these huge birds loft into the sky and stay there. From the massive Airbus A380 to propeller flights with Loganair or Hebridean Air Services, there's something here for everyone.

ImageBELGIUM: Before Youtube, I had visited Belgium several times. Unfortunately the reasons for being there were to leave Brussels and go somewhere else. That's about to change.

ImageBUS & COACH TRAVEL: Where trains don't operate, buses come to the rescue. Whether is a sleek inter-city electric coach service or a local mini-bus, if it moves, I'll catch it.

ImageCHINA: China may be a confusing country to Europeans, but it works, and works well. In these videos I travel from north to south, via Beijing and Shanghai. I experience some of the most amazing food and the friendliest of people. If there was a country I'd like to return to tomrrow, it would be China.

ImageCZECHIA / CZECH REPUBLIC: In 2016, the Czech government officially changed its name to Czechia. Unfortunately this new name hasn't caught on very well. Either way, it's a delightful country, and regret not discovering it's beauty years ago.

ImageEND-TO-END (Portugal to Vietnam by train): This was probably the most challenging and rewarding trips I have ever done. In 2019 I completed a train journey from Portugal to Vietnam by train. In fact, while travelling on the Trans-Mongolian, when travellers have too much time to sit and lie about doing nothing, I came up with the 'Planes, Trains, Everything' Youtube idea and associated website.

ImageENGLAND: Considering the English border is perhaps just a three hour drive south from where I live, I haven't seen too much of the country. I need to change that, but in the meantime here are the videos taken on English soil.

ImageFERRY TRAVEL: I've always loved the sea. When I was six years old, my family emigrated to Sydney Australia by ship, taking six weeks. Since then I can't look at a ship or ferry and not wish I was on it.

ImageFOOD: Travel just wouldn't be complete without trying new food. It's a must. So is trying local beers, but always within moderation. Whether seafood, German, Chinese or scorpion, there's (almost) nothing I'll try at least once.

ImageFRANCE: My love affair started in the 1990s when I would visit France for the Tour de France every summer. Paris was OK, but the real France, and the friendliness of the French, wasn't experienced until crossing over the Boulevard Périphérique and leaving the capital.

ImageFOR THE LOVE OF FOOTBALL: I was born the day after St. Mirren won the cup. The hospital was decorated with black and white bunting. I used to support Granville-Parramatta when I lived in Sydney (black and white vertical stripes) and now watch my local St. Mirren (black and white vertical stripes) every fortnight. I love football.

ImageGERMANY: German beer, curry bratwurst, Bundesliga and the sheer complexity of the German language. What is there not to love about Germany? I even once conducted a feasibility study on the cost of moving and living in Berlin. It was all theoretical, as Brexit had effectively killed off any chance of me just packing my bags and moving to Alexanderplatz. Oh well. I'll just have to rely on the occasional visit.

ImageHIKING: My first long distance walk was the crazy 62km walk between Vienna and Bratislava in one day in mid-summer (not recommended). More recently I walked from the River Clyde in Glasgow to (almost) the summit of Ben Nevis, around 192km, in 7 days. I also do some more sensible walks, completing these in just one day.

ImageHOTELS: I don't do many hotel reviews, but when I do, there's a reason for it. Whether it's a bucket-list overnighter, or just curious to experience their rooms, I'll try and share these experiences with you when I can.

ImageHUNGARY: Friends had praised Budapest for years, but I never got around to setting foot in Hungary - too many places to visit, just one salary to pay for for it all. Finally I made it to Budapest, and a return visit is a definite on my bucket-list. Beautiful country, lovely people, and amazing food.

ImageIRELAND: From Glasgow there is a wide selection of flights and ferry crossings to the Emerald Isle. There's even a bus service, which is featured in one video. I've lost count of the number of times I've visited Ireland, and can't imagine the number of times still to come.

ImageITALY: In 1986 I flew to Europe on my first ever backpacking holiday, and the country of arrival was... Italy. I had an Italian grandfather, I love Italian food, and the beer isn't too bad either. What is there not to love about this great country?

ImageNETHERLANDS: To be honest the Netherlands is a country I chould be spending more time in. One memorable visit corresponded with a public holiday, and the nearest accommodation was by the Belgian border - so I just partied all night. On another occasion my travelling companion fell ill on the day of arrival, and so our Amsterdam sightseeing adventures were greatly curtailed. I must return to the Netherlands.

ImagePOLAND: I first visited Poland in 2014, years before my Youtube channel was created. During my End-to-End video series on 2019 I stopped in Warsaw for two nights, and I was reminded about how much I loved Poland. At time of writing I have been back a further three times, and can't wait to return sometime soon.

ImagePORTUGAL: Friends had raved about their beach holidays to the Algarve region for years. Not being a beach person, Portugal had been well down my list. In 2019 I completed my End-to-End train journey from Portugal to Vietnam. I fell in love with Portugal, and have been back twice since then. I had obviously been missing out on something all these years.

ImageROMANIA: Although I hadn't been to Romania before, I watched many videos on Youtube shot in the country. When I finally made it to Romania, I asked myself why it had taken so long.

ImageRUSSIA: Perhaps governments don't see eye-to-eye, but in my two visits to Russia, I have found the people amazingly friendly and helpful. I'd love to visit Russia again tomorrow, but feel a trip to the Motherland may be delayed for a few years until tensions die down.

ImageSCOTLAND: It's my homeland. My family may have emigrated to Australia, but I returned. Stunning scenery, four seasons in one day, curious food and super-friendly people. I doesn't matter where I travel to, filming for Youtube:- it's always good to come home and share my home.

ImageSPAIN: After five visits to Spain, none of which were over five hours in length, I thought it about time I addressed that. Now I love the country.

ImageSWEDEN: Sweden is considered a cold country, but one thing which never ceases to surprise me is how warm the people are, especially towards visitors.

ImageSWITZERLAND: Switzerland is not a bargain basement destination, but I believe what you pay is proportional to what you get - magnificent, unrivalled scenery. The only problem in visiting Switzerland is deciding where to go first.

ImageTRAIN TRAVEL: This is my preferred form of transport. Unlike aeroplanes, if you don't like person you're sitting beside, you can find another seat. You often have a cafe on board, or better still, a restaurant. Give me an overnight train, and I'll show you a happy man.

ImageTRAMS: Whether I throw a dice and let chance decide which tram line to explore, or whether it's a journey on it's own right, I can't resist a tram ride. I think this goes back to the many weeks spend in Melbourne, Australia. Trams are an integral part of a city.

ImageVIETNAM: Lovely Vietnam was at the end of my End-to-End train adventure of 2019. I was a little hesitant about Vietnamese food, but I was quickly a convert, soon looking out for Vietnamese restaurants on returning to Scotland. The countryside was simply stunning and I now understand why travellers rave about the country.