ImageFrontieraphilia. This is a word I invented to describe a love or border crossings. There’s something exciting about crossing a frontier from one nation to another. Sometimes the armed guards can be a little unnerving, and there’s never any guarantee you’ll be allowed into the next country. Click >> H E R E << for a list of some of my more memorable border crossings.


Here are some border crossings from my collection.

ImageYoutube's #1 travel vloggers: Kara and Nate. In 2019 I completed a rail journey from Portugal to Vietnam. Before departure I researched the Trans-Siberian route on Youtube, and I recall seeing a series of videos shot by an American couple. I thought they were informative and entertaining, but was left with the impression they spent a great amount of their time just eating! I had decided to film this journey and post the adventure on Youtube as a one-off series of videos. However, after seeing K+N, a little voice said to me, “You could do that as well.” They have been an inspiration to me, and continue to do so. This page tells you everything you need to know about the Youtube sensations Kara and Nate. Click >> H E R E << to read all about the good, bad and ugly of Kara and Nate.

ImageAround the World in 80 Hours. This journey was taken in 1996. It was probably the most unusual trip I have undertaken in my life, and although totally crazy, and done before deep-vein thrombosis was known, and the Skyteam alliance was thought of, I am so grateful I had this opportunity. As I read my diary of the journey, I couldn’t help but notice how many things had changed in 24years. Will I make it in 80 hours? Click >> H E R E << for the diary and some images from this amazing journey.

ImageOh those Russians! The trials and tribulations of applying for a Russian visa. As I had booked my visits to Russia independently, I decided to apply for my Russian visas as well. The Russians don't allow UK citizens to apply online, and insist we visit an approved office so they can scan your fingerprints. I tried giving one of the girls a bit of chit-chat, but was shot down immediately. They are not permitted to talk about the weather or any of these other 'ice-breaking' subjects. They are professional. If you love red tape you're in for a treat. Click >> H E R E << for my Russian visa blog. If you are planning to apply for a Russian visa, this might save you some money and time.

Image21st Century baggage labels. I was sitting onboard the Heathrow Express train recently, and in front of me was a luggage rack, filled with suitcases. One wheelie bag had around a dozen small, white, bar-coded luggage stickers attached to it, and I wondered “Are these the 21st century version of shipping labels and stickers which once adorned passenger baggage?” Click >> H E R E << for thoughts and observations on this lost art form.

ImageBrand Loyalty. What are the benefits of brand loyalty? It depends whether you ask the customer or the airline. For there to be a benefit to a carrier, they must give something in return. I started researching brand loyalty, and soon wished I’d never started. It’s a web of partnerships, where points can be earned, transferred and spent. So what are the main advantages for an airline? Click >> H E R E << for thoughts and observations on this tangled web of air loyalty.